Kiera King Left With A Sore Pussy

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Lorelei Lee and Nika Noire are happy at work except for the way the new girl is sucking up to their boss. There have even been rumours that she will get the promotion ahead of one of them so they decide to teach her a lesson. After work one day they grab her and tie her to a table after stripping her off.

They slap her tits and insert a violet wand in her pussy. They fuck her with the violet wand while she is made to lick Nika’ pussy. She is bent over the desk and tied up before they stick an electric buttplug in her ass and EMS pads on her butt. They then zap her pussy with a zapper making her jump and squeal.

Kiera has her ass spanked before being tied standing straight and a dildo shoved in her pussy then is released to ride a strapon while licking ass. She has her tits zapped and is double penetrated with a strapon in her pussy and an Hitachi in her ass. They fuck her till she has had a few screaming orgasms and hope she has learned her lesson. You can see Kiera receiving a very sore pussy at WiredPussy.

Madison Young Gets Pussy Whipped

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Madison Young is a stunner that loves her bondage as hard as anyone so she was happy to volunteer for this scene. The guys know now how hard to treat her and hold nothing back. She starts off dangling by her ankles giving a forced deepthroat. She is pulled on and off his cock by her nipples only, stretching her nipples far as she is face fucked.

After that she is made to suck cock as she is vibrated to an orgasm. He brings out a whip next and whips up and down her body with full force. Next she has her pussy whipped, again full force leaving it bright red with marks all over it. She is vibrated to another screaming orgasm which drips down her chest.

He continues to torture her sensitive clit before going back to whipping her pussy. By the last painful orgasm she is red all over but her pussy is absolutely bright red. You can see Madison having her pussy whipped at Hogtied.

Cece Stone Made To Orgasm

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Cece Stone is great in this fantasy scene which sees her start by being tied to a chair with a dildo inside her attached to a fucking machine. Her hands are tied to her neck as the big dildo goes in and out slowly at first. They add an extra arm with a vibrator on it and put it on her clit to bring her first orgasm within minutes.

The machine speed is turned up and the vibrator held there as she screams through her orgasm. After a few more painful orgasms she is tied to a chair with her legs tied spread open with an even bigger dildo inside her. This machine starts off slow as well but with very deep strokes using the whole length of the dildo.

As she comes they put the vibrator on her clit and keep going through even more orgasms. Just as she is screaming for mercy they take the dildo out and insert a speculum. The vibrator is held on her clit until she has one last painful orgasm which you can see clearly because of the speculum. You can watch Cece made to orgasm at Fucking Machines.

Angelica Raven Takes Electric Sex

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Angelica Raven is tied kneeling to the floor using chains with her huge tits chained to the roof beam. She has her ass whipped red before a vibrator is used on her clit to bring an orgasm from her. A dildo gag is inserted then very tight nipple clamps used.

An electric dildo is inserted shocking her pussy as she is fingered in the ass. The electric sex goes higher and higher as she tries to scream through the dildo gag then a vibrator is used on her sensitive clit to increase her pussy torture as the electric sex takes on a more painful intensity.

The dildo is removed and she is fingered while a vibrator on her sensitive clit pushes her over the edge. She has a screaming orgasm before being released to show chain marks on her its. You can see this stunner suffer electric sex and pussy torture at Device Bondage.

Katie Jordin Takes Extreme Pussy Pain

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Katie Jording is stripped naked and tied backwards over a barrel stretched as far as possible and arched with her pussy in the air. Test tubes are used as suction on her nipples by one guy as the other whips her pussy. Her pussy lips are spread as she is whipped making the extreme pussy pain even worse.

A vibrator is placed on her clit and she is fingered to orgasm after orgasm and as she comes the tubes are ripped off her nipples. String is tied to her nipples and stretched to either side as the vibrator pulls more orgasms out of her before it is used to bash her pussy.

When she is in enough pussy pain they tie a crotch rope around her making sure the rough rope passes her clit then it is pulled tight. A heavy weight is then hung from it arching her up even more. You can see Katie suffer extreme pussy pain over at Hogtied.

Lexi Swallow Pussy Torture Obstacle Course

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Lexi Swallow started this scene thinking it would be easy. All she had to do was walk along a crotch rope with vibrators on it slowly to get to the Sybian on the other side. She was made to ride each vibrator for a while but the last one she had to avoid, it was an electric violet wand.

By the time she reached it her clit was already sensitive so the shocks were a lot more painful. She made it to the end and mounted the Sybian. While she rode it the Spankomatic machine was placed and used to spank her ass. This carried on until she had three orgasms then she was allowed to get off.

She was then tied to a wall while The Little Guy fucking machine was inserted into her pussy. This fucked her already sore painful pussy until she screamed. When she got off it you could see how swollen her pussy was with a creamy mess all over it. You can see Lexi suffer pussy pain at Fucking Machines.

Sensi Pearl Takes Electric Pussy Torture

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Sensi Pearl is handed to Isis Love to take some serious pussy torture in this scene. Sensi starts off topless with her tits tied for Isis to ease her in with some tit whipping. Next she has her pussy whipped before using a tazer to shock her pussy. Nipple clamps are used and she has her feet zapped before a vibrator is used on her pussy.

She is tied standing up on a metal grate and shocked so hard she has to lift her feet and hang by her arms. She has her tits whipped then her ass whipped with a long tail whip. She is fingered nearly to orgasm then vibrated even closer but never allowed to finish.

She is bent over to be strapon fucked by an electric dildo and is made to count as the dildo electricity gets higher and higher. Weighted nipple clamps keep her from moving as she is fucked hard until she is eventually allowed to cum. You can watch Sensi suffer pussy pain at WiredPussy.

Aurora Snow Gets Her Pussy Whipped

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Aurora Snow is more famous for her anal sex shows in normal sex videos, not bdsm but she has done a few and agreed to this one quite easily. She is led on a metal device keeping her in suspension bondage using pipes and hogtied her legs to her arms.

From there she has no movement and they start off by whipping her ass hard enough to leave marks. Without slowing the strokes down they whip her pussy and hang weighted nipple clamps from her tits so each time she jerks the weights pull harder. They twang elastic bands on her feet before fingering her pussy to the first of many orgasms.

She is fucked with a stick dildo and as she comes the clamps are ripped off, she makes enough noise that they push a bit in her mouth and an ass hook in her ass then connect them using rope. This keeps her quiet for the rest of the pussy torture. You can see Aurora getting a sore pussy at Device Bondage.

MILF Holly Halston Gets Pussy Stretched

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Holly Halston is one of those women that defines the term MILF. Absolutely stunning and with tits to die for she starts off this scene naked and tied spreadeagled tied to the wall. She has her nipples pinched and clamps put on her huge tits before they whip her pussy.

Weights are hung from her nipple clamps and a mousetrap put on her tongue to keep her quiet as she is vibrated to orgasm. She squirms like mad as orgasm after orgasm is dragged from her and has to be slapped to keep her legs open as her clit starts to burn.

She is fingered and vibrated through more orgasms before a double crotch rope is placed between her legs. A noose keeps her head high as her pussy is pulled away from the wall with a huge weight on the crotch rope. You can see porn star Holly Hanston try her first bondage scene at Hogtied.

Marie Luv Given To 2 Doms For Pussy Pain

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Marie is in for a nice surprise.  She is tied to a chair and gets two doms instead of just the one she was expecting. They paired Isis Love And Lorelei Lee as the doms as well so it was never going to be an easy scene. They stripped her off and used ropes to hold her pussy high before bringing out the violet wand.

They didn’t waste any time sticking it straight into, shocking her pussy from the inside. She is tied lying on her back with EMS pads up and down her body with a dildo gag fitted. As she has Lorelei ride her face Isis is busy using a Samurai in her pussy while whipping her pussy.

She is tied bent over a stool with electric clamps on her nipples, an electric dildo in her ass and is strapon fucked in a painful double penetration. She has her pussy fingered next till she has another painful orgasm and is then released. You can see Marie suffer extreme pussy torture at WiredPussy.