Dragonlily Takes A Pussy Fisting

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Dragonlily cam back to WiredPussy knowing they would be trying to push her harder than in previous scenes so she knew what to expect. Tied to a pillar with a ballgag in and her arms above her head Princess Donna didn’t waste any time. She cut holes in her shirth and pulled her nipples hard before pulling her knickers as hard as she could, leaning back with all her weight as the knickers rubbed tight against her pussy.

Dragonlily had her pussy whipped before a vibrator took her to orgasm then had her tits slapped until they were red. She had her pussy zapped with a zapper then Donna moved on to zap her tits and her feet after tying her lying down. She had her pussy slapped hard before being vibrated to another orgasm while her tits were slapped some more.

A crotch rope made her suffer more pussy pain as she had het tits kicked then the rope removed for some more pussy slapping before being pussy fisted. As she had a squirting orgasm she was having her pussy slapped again before getting her nipples tied to her feet. Her pussy lips were clamped open for Donna to flick her clit hard then used a Samurai in her ass. A clamp on her clit brought her to tears for her last orgasm. You can watch Dragonlily take hard clit torture at WiredPussy.

Slave Girl Whisper In Extreme Pussy Pain

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Whisper is forced onto a steel table and liquid latex used to keep her restrained as her punishment continues. Nipple clamps are place on her sore tits and pegs clamp her pussy leaving marks on her. These pegs are repeatedly put on and snapped off leaving her pussy in pain.

Her pussy is slapped and pegs on her tits keep her mind off the pain below. Just when she is ready to scream they both use hot candles on her, dripping hot wax on her pussy and tits. She is left with red mark on her tits and pussy before they are done.

She is sprayed down with a water hose before they bring out a huge dildo to have fun with her, seeing how far they can stretch her pussy while she is still tied. You can see Whisper suffer pussy torture at Brutal Boss.

Sasha Yung Has A Squirting Orgasm From Extreme Pussy Torture

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Sasha is a total newbie if you believe what she says. She reckons that apart from these scenes she has only ever had sex 3 times so Hogtied decided to make up for it. She is tied with hands above her head and her clothes ripped off her before having her ass spanked and her pussy slapped. Her knickers are shoved in her mouth and a vibrator used to bring her first forced orgasm of the day. Her ass is whipped and pegs are placed on her nipples, her pussy is spread open with pegs on her lips attached to string as a vibrator on her clit brings her to a squirting orgasm. A dildo on a stick with a vibrator on her clit brings another one before she has her first anal with fingers in her ass. She is tied bent over with her tits bound and an ass hook inserted while she is ass whipped and the vibrator gets another painful orgasm leaving her with a sore pussy but she is tied again with her legs spread and the vibrator gets one last screaming orgasm. Watch this extreme torture scene at Hogtied.

Kristina Rose Suffers Pussy Torture From Machines

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Kristina will be the first to admit she’s a slut, she loves sex more than anything and in a bid to cure herself she agreed to this scene of pussy punishment. She sees how big the dildos are and plays with her pussy fast to make sure she is wet enough but too soon a large dildo is going in and out at full speed on a fuck machine.

The machine goes faster and deeper as she screams first in delight then in pain as it keeps pumping her pussy after she comes. Without wasting time hse put her on a Sybian and make her sit there through more orgasms, her sensitive clit making her eyes water then again without break she has another machine fucking her pussy.

She screams through this machine, the Sybian again and the next machine till she’s begging for them to stop because her pussy is sore. They finish her off with another orgasm than as she stands they tell her they lied, she has to have one more on the Sybian. Her painful pussy manages this and as she goes to leave they tell her to lie down for their last machine with a giant dildo. She’s almost in tears as she does this and is actually jumping off it as she has her last orgasm. A great scene from Fucking Machines that leaves this stunner with a sore pussy, perhaps she’ll take a break from sex now.

Yasmine de Leon Gets A Sore Pussy

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When Yasmin de Leon gets caught breaking the law by officer Bobbi Starr she tries to talk her way out of it but that really upsets Bobbi. She takes her to the station and ties her to the chair then uses a zapper to try and get a confession from her. She strips her then uses the zapper on her tits before using a taser on her ass.

She zaps her ass then uses an alectric dildo to fuck and shock her pussy. She is forced through orgasm after orgasm before being chained standing up to the cell bars. The bars have current put through them while the other end goes to an electric buttplug which is inserted.

EMS pads fry her pussy while the Hitachi is held on her clit bringing more orgasms before the zapper on her pussy brings more screams. She is strapon fucked with an acrylic dildo sending shocks through her pussy while the Hitachi takes her sore pussy through more orgasms. you can see Yasmin take electric sex at WiredPussy.

Iron Pussy Harmony Rose Pussy Torture

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Harmony Rose got the nickname Iron Pussy after this scene and you can see why. She took so much pussy torture and so many painful orgasms she just didn’t give up. She strips off and starts straight away with a large dildo in her pussy and a vibrator on her clit. She has loads of screaming orgasms then moves onto a thicker dildo.

She sits astride this one which pounds more orgasms from her then moves on to the King Kong Dong, this is a 10 inch jelly dildo that weighs 5lbs and will cause pussy pain to anyone that uses it. She goes on all fours so she can take it deeper and deeper but still isn’t satisfied. She moves on to 2 dildos in a double vagina pussy stretching at full speed.

After that she moved on to thick dildos again, first on her back then on all fours for more squirting orgasms. They even use the Licker, a wheel of tongues that slap the clit and still doesn’t give up. They use their last option, placing her on the Sybian as she squirts and squirts to the point where she is biting her own hand but still doesn’t get off. See how much of a sore pussy the stunning Harmony Rose can take at Fucking Machines.

The Pussy Torture Of Ella Nova


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On her first day as a massage therapist she is told that clients pay extra for happy endings. Needing the cash she decides to go for it. Unfortunately nobody told her not to satisfy the women and she makes the mistake of playing with Madeline in a way that offends. Madeline grabs her by the throat, strips her off, bends her over the table and spanks her ass.

Next she turns her over arching her back to slap her tits then spreads her legs to slap her pussy till it’s red raw. Put on the table Ella has her pussy fingered then Madeline attempts to fist her pussy but can’t get her hand all the way in. She ties ehr to the bed, legs spread and whips her pussy then her tits.

Not satisfied with this she canes her pussy too even though she has to gag her to stop the screams. Next up she strapon fucks her with a large dildo while slapping her tits. Bent over next with a buttplug inserted she is pulled around the rouom by nipple clamps then made to fuck Madeline with a dildo gag till Madeline cums on her face. You can see Ella take a sore pussy at WhippedAss.

Cassandra Nix Pussy Lips Clover Clamped


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Cassandra Nix is tied sat on a chair with her neck held in place by a metal bar and wasting no time she has her pussy whipped at full strength and that’s just to start. Her pussy is slapped hard then clover clamps on her pussy are attached to nipple clamps which keep her pussy open as a zapper shocks her clit.

An Hitachi gives her squirting orgasms leaving her pussy sensitive enough that you will feel pain as they knee her in the pussy. She is brought to more orgasms from pussy slapping and the Hitachi before being tied in a strappado with her ass in the air having her pussy shocked with a cattle prod.

Fucked with a stick dildo, Hitachi on her clit, feet caned and as whipped bring about loads more squirting orgasms. She is next tied lying on her back, a zipper up the inside of her leg and pussy whipped with a single tail. Fingered and fucked to more and more orgasms they waited till they were satisfied then on her last squirting orgasm they ripped the zipper off. You can see Cassandra nix get a very sore pussy at Device Bondage.

Cassandra Nix Takes Shock Pussy Torture

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Cassandra had heard so many good things about this night club and tried too hard to get in past bouncers Dana DeArmond and Bobbi Starr. After offering to do anything the bouncers see an opportunity and lead her into the toilets. They soon have her stripped and using a zapper each shock her pussy.

An e-stim is used to shock her clit before she is tied to a urinal for some pussy slapping. An electric dildo is used to fry her pussy while electric nipple clamps shock her nipples. A violet wand on her clit has her almost in tears before she is made to lick ass. An Hitachi brings her to orgasm which makes the electric dildo hurt even more.

Next she is tied on all fours with EMS pads shocking her ass while the zappers are used on her tits. She is fucked with an acrylic dildo while sucking tits before being pussy fisted while the Hitachi is held on her sensitive clit. You can see Cassandra try her first electric sex at WiredPussy.

The Live Pussy Torture Of Darling

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This is the third part of a live show that featured Darling that was shot back to back, in other words all the orgasms here come straight on the back of two other sessions just like it. She is made to suck a strapon while her hands are tied behind her back then her tits are tied so tight they turn purple and her legs are tied to her arms. She is hoisted up like this so all her weight is on her tied tits.

She is made to suck the strapon as she is fingered to orgasm then hoisted clear off the table. While in the air Isis fists her pussy and fucks her so hard with it she has a load of squirting orgasms. A vibrator is used on her already sensitive clit bringing more painful orgasms from her until the screaming got too much for Isis and she released her.

This scene from Hogtied features two stunning women and Darling seems to have no limit to the amount of orgasms she can have or the amount of pussy fisting she can take. The fisting in this is harder than most women can take a cock so be warned.