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Skin Diamond and Asphyxia Noir stumble upon an old interogation room and decide to make use of it. Skin starts off as boss with Asphyxia tied to a chair with a wired speculum in shocking her pussy and nipple clamps attached. She opens her pussy wide and raises the electricity while holding an Hitachi on her clit till she cums.

It’s Skins turn then to be tied with her legs in the air and an electric buttplug inserted. The power is turned up before she has her pussy slapped. Skin is made to pull the rope attached to her nipple clamps with a violet wand being used as pussy punishment if she doesn’t pull hard enough. A Samurai shocking her pussy and an Hitachi on her clit gets her to finish before they are surprised by Bobbi Starr.

It’s Bobbis room and she makes them pay for using it. They are both tied and gagged on all fours back to back with EMS pads on their ass and sharing a double ended wired dildo and Bobbi turns it up high. She turns it up so high and the pussy pain is so much you can see the tears. You can see the electric sex torture of these two at WiredPussy.

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When Isis finds out Charley has had sex with her husband she sets out for revenge. She hires Charley, gets her to strip then ties her up and uses a ballgag before telling her who she really is. Unable to do anything she gets her huge tits whipped and her ass spanked before the pussy torture starts. She is made to lick pussy before being tied to the bed where Isis pulls out a very large dildo. The gag is removed and Isis tells her she is going to take the whole dildo so she had better get sucking. Knowing a dry dildo this size would cause more pussy pain than a dry one she does as ordered and as promised she gets pussy fucked with the whole thing, screaming into the ball gag. She also has her ass whipped before being turned over and tied up with her legs spread. When she sees Isis bringing out an even bigger dildo she almost cries. Isis uses this massive dildo on her and strapon fucks her pussy. A vibrator finishes her off, bringing a squirting orgasm to her already sore pussy. She then gets her face covered in come as Isis rides a dildo gag before being released. This bdsm free trailer can be found at WhippedAss.

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Sarahs first scene at Wiredpussy sees her in the hands of two nasty bitches that love inflicting pussy pain. Harmony and Aiden make her hold a shovel with an electrified handle and when she lets go they whip her ass. She is put in tight bondage with ems pads on her ass and a vibrator used to bring her to orgasm after orgasm till she has a sore pussy. She is pussy fucked with a dildo on a stick while an electric buttplug is shoved up her ass then made to lick pussy and ass with a cattle prod used if she doesn’t do it correctly. After pleasing both mistresses she is bent out for a deep pussy fisting with a violet wand used on the rest of her body. Watch this electric sex scene at WiredPussy.

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Isis Love And January Seraph are Leylas tormentors in this great scene of extreme pussy torture. She is tied to a chair and stripped while violet wands are used to zap her pussy and tits. Electric nipple clamps are also used to shock her tits while a vibrator brings her to orgasm after painful orgasm. Her ass is spanked and an electric dildo used to shock her pussy then ems pads on her ass while she is ass spanked some more. A vibrator brings some more intense orgasms while her tits are whipped then she is made to lick pussy. A strapon fuck brings even more orgasms to her already sore pussy then she is pussy fucked with a samurai. She is made to lick ass then uses a dildo gag where she gets her face covered in come. You can find the whole scene here at WiredPussy.

Tied And Tortured Gabriella Paltrova


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Gabrielle Paltrova is in a school for girls but keeps getting caught playing with herself. The headmistress finally loses her temper after catching her again and sends her to the Doctor to see if he can solve her problem. He visits her and catches her playing with herself again but instead of stopping her he tells her to carry on.

She was enjoying it too much so he decided to change that. She is gagged and tied clamps are attached to her nipples and pussy lips then string holds her lips open as he uses a vibrator on her clit. He whips her clit as she is cumming then whips the clamps off her nipples. The pain stops her orgasm dead each time she gets close before she is tied kneeling on all fours on a couch.

After that she is ass fucked with a stick dildo while an Hitachi is held on her clit and this time when she gets close he pushes harder with the dildo causing her pain. She is then hung upside down in a straightjacket when they realise she can’t be taught, a buttplug fitted, Hitachi attached to her clit and whiiped before being left like that to orgasm over and over. She screams as they leave for she doesn’t know how long. You can see Gabrielle suffer in suspension bondage at Hogtied.

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This is a clip from Seda’s live update where she is used and abused. She is tied standing up, legs spread, impaled on a dildo with a vibrator on her clit and being ass whipped. She is forced to come over and over before being tied to a wall with her tits tied and her legs open so she is open to be pussy whipped. Weighted nipple clamps torture her tits as she is pussy fingered to more orgasms. She is in a gyno chair with her pussy clamped open and a clit vibrator used before before pussy fucked with a dildo on a stick. Tied bent over a stool with a vibrator on her clit and an ass hook inserted she is brought to more painful orgasms by a fucking machine at full speed. You can find this live free bondage scene at Hogtied.

Debut Pussy Torture For Natalie

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Because this was Natalies first ever bondage and also her first porno scene they handed her over to Princess Donna Dolore. She is shackled to the wall and her clothes cut from her, a blinfold used before having her tits whipped. Her nipples are squeezed and pulled before being flicked.

Next a cattle prod on the pussy makes her dance around before she is fucked with a Samurai. Next she is tied down onto a Sybian with suction tubes on her nipples and her pussy being shocked. A gag is fitted, the tubes removed and string pulls her nipples as it’s attached to the floor as she is fucked from behind.

She is then tied with her legs in the air. EMS pads on her ass, an Hitachi on her clit and being fingered pushes her over the edge. Her pussy is zapped and her ass whipped before she is made to lick pussy. The Hitachi brings more and more painful orgasms from her already sore clit. See Natalies debut at pussy pain at WiredPussy.

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Roxanne Hall is tied led back in a cage with her ass against the bars and her legs tied through the roof of it. This gives Lorelei free acces to finger her ass before using pussy clamps to hold her to the bars. An electric buttplug is inserted in her ass to chock her ass while an Hitachi brings her close to orgasm.

She is tied on her back then, legs in the air with EMS pads on her ass and electric nipple clamps shocking her tits while Lorelei pounds her with a good ass fisting. While she’s doing this an Hitachi is rested on her clit while she is told she mustn’t orgasm. She manages this to Loeleis satisfaction and is moved to be tied bent over wearing a ballgag.

She has her ass spanked and fucked with a Samurai before being made to lick pussy till Lorelei cums. For not doing it well enough elctric pussy clamps are used, shocking her pussy. She zaps her tits before using a stick dildo in her ass. She has her pussy zapped then before an Hitachi finally brings her to orgasm. You can see Roxanne having her pussy shocked at WiredPussy.

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Mae Meyers wakes up tied spreadeagled to her bed in only her underwear with Isis Love sitting in the chair watching her. She strips her top off to shock her nipples then whips her tits before removing her knickers for some pussy torture. She zaps her pussy with a zapper making her scream and swear which only makes the pussy punishment worse.

She is tied crouching with her tits tied and elecrodes on her pussy while being whipped. The current is increased until she is screaming loud enough to satisfy Isis before the electrodes are removed and an Hitachi wand replaces it. She’s made to cum before being tied bent over with EMS pads on her ass with enough power to see ehr ass twitch.

A Samurai is used to shock her pussy with Isis making sure she takes most of it before stripping off and whipping her ass. She canes her feet before going back to the Samurai and wand to get a load of orgasms from her then uses a violet wand on her nipples. This is a big scene with a cattle prod, strapon fucking and fucking her pussy with a violet wand. You can see Mar suffer pussy torture at WiredPussy.

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In this debut Freya French is handed over to Lea Lexis. Tied standing on one leg she has no control as Lea strips her off and whips her ass. Whipped tits she she screams followed quickly by having her tits paddled is next followed by a paddled ass while Lea fingers her pussy.

A pussy spanking is next before she spanks her ass till it’s red then Lea changes Freyas position lying her on her back tied up. A zipper is placed down both sides and over her tits while Lea stands on her pussy. She hovers above her and orders her to lick pussy. When Freya isn’t good enough she uses a zapper to shock her pussy and tits.

A pussy whipping is followed by Lea bouncing on her face then playing with her pussy using her feet. She rips the zippers off then ties her led on a bed before strapon fucking her. Zapping her clit while fucking her then biting her nipples wears her out before being strapon ass fucked. Freya is made to hold an Hitachi on her clit as Lea fucks her with the zapper and just as she cums Lea zaps her pussy over and over. You can see Freya suffer extreme pussy torture at WhippedAss.