The Live Pussy Torture Of Darling

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This is the third part of a live show that featured Darling that was shot back to back, in other words all the orgasms here come straight on the back of two other sessions just like it. She is made to suck a strapon while her hands are tied behind her back then her tits are tied so tight they turn purple and her legs are tied to her arms. She is hoisted up like this so all her weight is on her tied tits.

She is made to suck the strapon as she is fingered to orgasm then hoisted clear off the table. While in the air Isis fists her pussy and fucks her so hard with it she has a load of squirting orgasms. A vibrator is used on her already sensitive clit bringing more painful orgasms from her until the screaming got too much for Isis and she released her.

This scene from Hogtied features two stunning women and Darling seems to have no limit to the amount of orgasms she can have or the amount of pussy fisting she can take. The fisting in this is harder than most women can take a cock so be warned.

Sorority Pussy Torture

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Lea Lexis and Ive Winters are asked to meet Gia DiMarco for their initiation into a sorority. With no idea what will happen they turn up at the house all smiles. Turning up late for Gia is a mistake and the smiles soon vanish as they are zapped and made to strip. Once stripped nipple clamps are attached to both and they are cuffed together back to back.

Electricity is added to the nipples clamps shocking their tits which is turned up high before Gia uses an Hitachi on their clits. They are tied facing each other then with their legs spread and an electic dildo inserted while having their asses whipped and zapped. EMS pads are added for the extra shock as well.

Gia gets so excited she uses the Hitachi on herself till she squirts then rubs her juices in their mouths. The Hitachi is then used on both girls until they have their own squirting orgasms before being released. You can see Lea and Ivy in pussy pain at WiredPussy.

MILF Veronica Avluv Has Real Extreme Pussy Torture

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Veronica Avluv plays a ceo who pushes DragonLily, Bobbi Starr and Ashley Fires too far one day. She is held down and stripped with a ballgag inserted before being fingered. Nipple clamps are used then pegs on her pussy before she is bent over with a dildo gag fucking pussy while the girls behind take turns slapping her pussy hard. A large dildo on a stick is used on her then before a foot in her pussy, right the way in is used to fuck her pussy. A girl puts shoes in with thick high heels and puts this heel in her pussy and fucks her with it. A vibrator is used to bring more squirting orgasms as she is ass fisted then she is strapon fucked, squirting come everywhere. She is pussy slapped some more before taking some more intense orgasms before the girls decide she’s had enough. This is the best pussy torture scene I have ever seen and such a stunning horny woman as well, you can find her at WhippedAss.

Shae Simone Takes Pussy Pain From Violet Wand Dildo

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Shae Simone has her first go at electricity here and Isis pulls no punches. She starts off caning Shae who doesn’t even flinch but the zapper has her dancing. EMS pads are used on her belly and ass as a vibrator is used to bring forced orgasms. Her tits are whipped before a violet wand dildo is inserted in her pussy. A vibrator is used to bring another orgasm before a samurai is used for some extreme pussy torture. An electric butt plug is inserted shocking her ass as Isis uses the cattle prod on her. A great extreme torture scene from WiredPussy.

Dylan Suffers Electric Pussy Torture

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Dylan is back for some more punishment even though she swore she would never go through it again. They handed her over to Isis Love who tied her with her legs spread then whips her tits before using a zapper on her tits. She whips her tits and belly till she is red then an electric dildo shocks her pussy so hard she pushes it out past her knickers.

Dylan is made to suck on the dilso before being bent over to have an asshook fitted while her pussy is shocked using a violet wand. She is fucked with the wand then the hook removed so she could be ass fucked with it while an Hitachi is held on her clit. EMS pads are used on her next as she is fucked with a stick dildo.

She is fucked through orgasm after orgasm while her tits are shocked with the pads. Isis then changes over to a Samurai, fucking her pussy as Dylan starts crying. She turns it up and makes her suffer 50 strokes with it before letting her go. You can see Dylan having her pussy wired at WiredPussy.

Carissa Montgomery Gets A Sore Pussy


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Carissa Montgomery has massive tits which would normally be the first target for the guys so they changed things around and decided to give her some extreme pussy torture instead. She is tied and gagged standing up and a little nipple pinching to warm her up. Her clothes are cut from her and a crotch rope tied from the wall, between her legs and over a beam.

A heavy bowling ball weight is added then an Hitachi is tied to her clit before he starts vibrating the crotch rope. Another two heavy weights are added as the Hitachi pounds out more orgasms while also having her tits whipped. She is hoisted face down with nipple clamps and then gagged to stop her screams as she has her pussy spanked then an Hitachi held on her sensitive clit.

The Hitachi is tied there as he whips her tits then fucks her with a stick dildo adding another Hitachi to her clit to double the vibration. She goes through one brutal orgasm to another before being flipped onto her back, tits tied and whipped while the Hitachi is placed there again. He repeatedly uses the Hitachi and a stick dildo to get her to orgasm then whips her pussy through the orgasm only to start again straight after her screams stop. You can see Wenona suffer an over sensitive clit at Hogtied.

Aurora Snow Gets Extreme Pussy Pain To Cure Sex Addiction

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Aurora checks herself into a clinic to cure her sex addiction but the doctor there has wild methods. He catches her playing with herself so puts her into a straightjacket and uses a ballgag on her. He then whips her ass and inserts a butt plug before getting a forced deepthroat from her. He fucks her pussy then while the plug is still inside her before putting her in suspension bondage upside down with an ass hook in to be caned. He fucks her ass next then uses a dildo before whipping her ass. Her pussy lips are spread with clamps for an electric dildo shocking her pussy. She is pussy fucked again before taking a face full of come. See more electric sex at Sex And Submission.

Charley Chase Gets A Pussy Fisting From Isis Love

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Charley Chase gets used by Isis who wants to see how much extreme pussy torture someone can take. Charley starts off tied to a chair with a crotch rope used as she has her big tits whipped. It isn’t long though before she is stripped, gagged and has ems pads on her tits and a samurai electric dildo in her pussy. A vibrator brings her to a painful orgasm before her next trial. She is made to stand on tiptoe, a leg either side of a rope with copper on it shocking her pussy every time she lowers her feet, with of course a bit of help from Isis with a cattle prod on her ass and her bound tits. She is made to lick pussy while having her lovely tits zapped before being tied to a table where Isis strapon fucks her pussy with a large dildo making Charleys massive tits shake. She has ems pads on her ass and an electric dildo inserted in her pussy while a vibrator is used for another forced orgasm shocking her pussy even more before being pussy fisted to yet another orgasm. Watch how Charley gets a very sore pussy at Wiredpussy.

Seda Takes A Hard Pussy Fisting From Bobbi Starr

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When Seda finally takes her books back to the library they are in such a bad state that Bobbi threatens to report her unless Seda agrees to a different punishment. Thinking it would be exciting Seda agrees to being tied up expecting to get a few orgasms from it but Bobbi has other ideas. She flicks Seda with elastic bands, spanks her ass, inserts an electric buttplug and uses a vibrator to bring her to orgasm. She is made to lick pussy before a ball gag is fitted and she has her pussy whipped before being bent over for an ass whipping. She was pussy fisted to more painful orgasms and strapon fucked before a vibrator is used and fingers in her ass brings more intense orgasms. She was whipped some more and has more orgasms till she has a very sore pussy which you can see here at WhippedAss.

Pepper Foxxx Gets A Sore Pussy From Forced Orgasms

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Pepper really is no good at dealing with pain but she puts up a good try here. She is sat on a box with ems pads on her while in tight bondage with her hands tied to her legs and her tits tied. Hot wax is dripped on her before Claire uses a vibrator to force orgasms from her one after another. When Pepper moans too much she whips her tits before another painful orgasm then tied standing for further pussy punishment. Nipple clamps are used for tit torture and a crotch rope to stop her moving as she has her pussy whipped along with an ass flogging and tit whipping. A violet wand on the nipples, electric dildo in her pussy and a strapon pussy fuck are just a few extras of this lovely girls pussys torture. This and other bdsm free videos pussy torture can be found at Wired Pussy.